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Local Ingredients!

Piel Bella by Jazz is fully committed to using locally grown & harvested ingredients in all its formulations whenever possible!


Environmental Sustainability

Piel Bella by Jazz reduces its footprint by using locally grown & harvested ingredients while it partners & supports local urban farmers, beekeepers & other small business owners.

Piel Bella by Jazz's formulations are developed & created in a site that runs on 100% renewable wind & solar energy.

Beeswax produced & harvested by @bee_utifulhoney in Chicago, IL

Minimal Waste

Piel Bella by Jazz is built in sustainable practices including minimal to zero-waste formulations, composting, recycling, upcycling, reusing & repurposing packaging, ingredients, minimal use & conservation of water!

Circular Economy & 2022 Goals

Piel Bella by Jazz is excited to be a member of the Plant Chicago’s Circular Economy Leaders Network 2022

"A local circular economy is one that regenerates natural ecosystems, minimizes waste, and ensures that economic and social benefits are distributed equitably" (Plant Chicago)

Piel Bella by Jazz’s goal is to transition from plastic packaging to a more circular economy-aligned options for select products by February 2022.

We also aim to keep working with local partners to keep sourcing local herbs and/or beeswax for most of our formulations!