About us!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jazmin, but all my friends & family call me Jazz! I was born & raised in Mexico City. I'm a single-mom to a gorgeous 14-year old teen & 3 playful kitties. I'm an undocumented-immigrant & DACA holder or better known as a dreamer!

I have a bachelor's degree in Sustainability Studies & Hospitality Management that I finished just as the pandemic started last year. It was one of the most challenging things I have experienced but it was one of the most rewarding as well!

I started Piel Bella out of my love for the food systems, urban farms & skin care. I love to help build my community & truly be part of it! One of my main goals is to partner up with as many local growers & makers to build a more sustainable economy that benefits us all!

Currently I'm a student at Formula Botanica taking both diplomas for Organic Skincare & Hair Care Formulation as well as the Entrepreneur Herbal Curse with the Herbal Academy!

Thank you for being here!!